Cow Tags with Numbers + Ranch Name + Phone No.



1. Select a color and enter ranch name (2 lines).

2. If your numbers are in a range, (for e.g. E1-E99) enter it below. If not, download this spreadsheet, enter the numbers and upload it using the Upload button below.

3. Premise-ID is optional (free to get from your state), but it is recommended for export market tracking. Premise ID will printed as a 2D barcode.

Maximum number of characters: 15

Maximum number of characters: 15

Maximum number of characters: 30

Maximum number of characters: 10

Upload the completed excel spreadsheet, for numbers not in a range or sire/dam tags. For tags will logo, also upload the logo.

Tag Dimensions: 4.6" L X 3" W.

Tags can be applied using standard two-piece tag applicators.

All tags are laser printed, so they will last for decades without fading.

Buttons are included in the price.

You will recieve a login to the app along with the tags.

Online marketplace is coming in early 2019. Customer who collect data about their cattle via our app can list their herds in our marketplace for sale.

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